It’s with considerable pleasure that I write in support of electing Craig Hickman to Maine’s Senate District 14. As a House representative, Craig was widely known to focus tirelessly on issues vital to all Mainers. He worked to pass legislation that protected small business markets that are the life blood of many communities; voted to increase teachers’ salaries; and helped pass Maine’s Food Sovereignty Act.

I had the personal experience of sharing a forum with Craig, during which he passionately showed, with clarity and focus, that he is a true protagonist of individual rights and civil liberties for all Mainers.

When Craig takes a position, one can be certain it has been seriously considered and thought through. Craig is respectful of opposing positions, but fervently speaks with a voice of reason and conviction.

Such are surely the kind of clear, open and collaborative characteristics that highlights an admirable representative. That is why I ask that you join me on March 9 in voting for Craig Hickman.

Michael V. Frett
Councilor, Ward 2

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