Peter Herley, left, Nikki Millonzi, middle, and Judy Schneider pass around pieces of their artwork. Submitted photo

Sometimes it is just good to do something totally different!

This idea went through the minds of Peter Herley, Nikki Millonzi and Judy Schneider as they thought about how they would like to approach an art show on display through the month of March on the walls of Café Nomad in Norway. Why not each start a painting and then pass it on to the next person? The next person would work on it after hearing what the first artist had in mind as they were painting. Each person could continue with the theme or take off in another direction. Finally each piece would be entrusted to the third person to work on and potentially finish. If not finished they could see who would like to do that. The one caveat is that there must be some bit of each artists’ work showing in the finished piece. All had to agree that the artwork was done. They passed 12 pieces through this cycle over the last few weeks.

The three artists are friends and have shown their artwork together before. Although their styles are different they felt they could carry on where each other left off and that the style differences would make for interesting counterpoints. This proved to be true. They photographed the different stages of each piece and these prints are hung beside the work. As a group they decided on the titles. The three artists appreciate the creative twists and turns each piece has gone through and the transformation that made each art piece complete.

The Café Nomad is located at 480 Main St., Norway. Hours are from 7 a.m.-3 p.m., Mondays through Saturdays.