Republicans, unity is an important goal but must be understood as a series of steps. Reality comes first.

Trump violated his oath of office to defend the Constitution and the people of America from all threats foreign and domestic. His acceptance of Putin’s word over his own intelligence reports, his lie about the election being stolen, and his subsequent incitement of an attack on the Capitol by his supporters are but a few of many such violations.

Trump is a pathological liar and has been supported in his lies by leaders in the Republican Party and the right-wing media echo chamber. Many people have been led astray by his firehose of falsehoods and the Republican Party is now home to outlandish conspiracy theories and blowhard opinions devoid of truth and basis in fact. Disinformation campaigns regarding COVID-19, climate change, election fraud, and mainstream media as the enemy of the people have caused great harm to people’s beliefs and to the institutions of our country.

Trump has not put America first; he has put Trump first. Republicans did not even have a party platform in this last election. Status as a Republican is now primarily dependent upon loyalty to Trump and any party politician showing opposition is swiftly censured and targeted for termination by primary.

These offenses are not the actions of one who believes in democracy. They smack of fascism and include tactics right out of the dictator’s handbook. Trump is a traitor to our country and has proven manifestly unworthy of the mantle of heaven those of the religious right have mistakenly given him. Trump and Trumpism must be confronted and rejected as the single prerequisite for any attempt at unity.

Accomplish this and then we’ll talk. Will you not join Democrats in making America just and decent again?


Roy Estabrook


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