“This is the true and central programme of the Lenten Season: to listen to the word of truth, to live, speak and do what is true, to refuse falsehood that poisons humanity and is the vehicle of all evils.”

It is therefore urgently necessary in these 40 days to listen anew to the Gospel, the Word of the Lord, the word of truth, so that in every Christian, in every one of us, the understanding of the truth given to him, given to us, may be strengthened, so that we may live it and witness to it.” (Benedict XVI, General Audience given Ash Wednesday, 03/01/2006, pp. 11-12)

Let us give up lies for Lent: lies old and new, lies personal and public, lies that have shaped and shape currently the circumstances of our lives. Let us search our minds and hearts (and alternative media outlets) and affirm what our immortal souls already know to be untrue. Let us face and accept courageously our complicity and responsibility in these falsehoods, by our commission and omission.

“Lent encourages us to let the Word of God penetrate our life and thus to know the fundamental truth: who we are, where we come from, where we must go, what road to take in life. And thus, the Season of Lent offers us an ascetic and liturgical route which, while helping us to open our eyes to our weakness, opens our heart to the merciful love of Christ.” (ibid, p. 13)

Let us choose to accept humbly and joyfully the mercy of Christ on the Cross. Let us choose to let Him break the chains of these lies and set us truly free. Let us choose to accept and live out our inheritance as children of God.

Mary Comstock
Macwahoc Plantation

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