As a college student here in Maine, I believe that we should adopt online voter registration in our state. Online voter registration, or OVR, makes registering to vote more accessible to younger voters, maintains the safety and security of the voter registration process, and may even save taxpayer money.

Online voter registration allows eligible Mainers to register to vote using a secure website designed by the Secretary of State’s Office. Voter information is then encrypted and uploaded directly to the state voter file, thus making sure that private information stays private.

This online system for voter registration not only serves as a safe and secure way to register to vote, but can also save state money by cutting down on the printing and mailing costs associated with the current paper registration forms (which can be lost or damaged).

Forty-one states have already adopted OVR to make voter registration more accessible, secure, and efficient. OVR is a safe, cost-effective way to reach the next generation of Maine’s voters, all while maintaining election integrity and security. For the reasons listed above, I encourage all our elected officials to pass online voter registration here in Maine.


Lutie Brown


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