In spring of 2020, Craig Hickman introduced a comprehensive, bipartisan amendment to improve the Marijuana Legalization Act, but it died when the Legislature adjourned early because of COVID last March. This pro-business bill removed market barriers to entry for small-scale Maine cannabis businesses, including repealing the excise tax, increasing the bottom line for the farmers and retailers who cultivate the best cannabis in the nation.

We are voting for Craig Hickman on March 9 so that he can continue to fight for cannabis producers and consumers, caregivers and patients. Maine entrepreneurs shouldn’t be crushed under the weight of regulations that drive us out of business and allow out-of-state interests to dominate the industry. A robust cannabis industry is an important part of a strong Maine economy. Driven by the medical marijuana program, cannabis is now the most valuable cash crop in the state and the second largest industry in Maine. We need someone like Craig in the Senate because he will make sure that Maine people must benefit the most from the growth and success of our industry’s growth and success.

Craig has been an ally and advocate for our business and so many others across District 14. Please join us in voting for Craig Hickman on March 9.

Glenn and Catherine Lewis


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