In election seasons, political letters to editors — touting politicians — are as commonplace as leaves on trees. Yet, there’s a contrasting subject — guiding us daily — that never gets a hoot or a holler. This letter champions “omens”!

Omens orchestrate future events. Intuitions deliver them. Omens are not produced by our intellect — not enough, “quick-draw McGraw.”

Omens follow us around 24/7. Recall when May 1 was celebrated as “Law Day USA?” Well, May 1 is my “Name Day” (Hark to early European custom re: birthdays). I’ve been a Maine lawyer 60 of my 89 years. An omen!

And, how about the time I fly-fished 1½ hours sans a nibble. While seated in dismay, a batch of bees passed, heading west. An omen. I just happened to have, a “Colorado Cricket” fishing fly in my tackle box that I attached to the leader. In 25 minutes, a limit of brookies.

Ninety percent of omens are fun-filled. When brother Bob was born, he accidentally touched the doctor’s stethoscope. Mom was told that that was an omen; he would become a doctor. He toiled as a meat-cutter.

Omens are strong enough to produce blessings. Judy and I met at the Greyhound bus station in Portland. She in business school, me in law school. Students shared mid-morning breaks in the café. Of the plural times classmates invited me to join, I only went once, motivated by a chance to analyze the girls’ handwriting. An omen at work.


My plan fizzled. Judy was the only girl to pooh-pooh the idea, but surrounding it with a smile. Something in her voice, appearance and mannerisms ultimately led to uniting our lives for 58 years. Blessed by three children and six grandchildren.

Instead of analyzing her handwriting — I analyzed her heart!


John Benoit


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