There are only two biological sexes, male and female. Any suggestion to the contrary is political science rather than science. There is an attempt at the national level, with the so-called Equality Act, to eliminate these distinctions, and a number of states have responded by proposing or passing laws protecting, at the least,  women’s sports.

Rep. Beth O’Connor has sponsored a bill here in Maine, L.D. 926, to ban biological males from participating in women’s sports. The Women’s Human Rights Campaign, a global organization dedicated to protecting the rights of women and girls on the basis of their biological sex, and not on “gender” or “gender identity,” also supports the right to female-only sports leagues.

There are many physical advantages males have over females, including larger skeletal structure, larger heart and lungs, faster muscle recovery time, more fast-twitch muscle fibers, better blood oxygenation, and many more. A recent report compared the record winning times in the 100-meter dash of 400 randomly selected high school male runners, with the record winning times of female runners in the 100-meter dash. In every case, all 400 male runner times beat the female times. Several female Maine runners have already experienced this discrimination, according to the article in the March 28 Central Maine Sunday.

Denying biology, science and the entirety of human experience to foster misguided and psychologically disturbed notions of sexuality is plain wrong. L.D. 926 should pass and be signed by the governor.

Bob Scheirer


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