Very recently, I completed the Family Violence Project’s (FVP) 45-hour class for their helpline advocates. What an eye-opening, challenging and instructional class. I was among five students and two instructors. I was very impressed with the thoroughness and organization with which our instructors taught the class. The instructional materials were astonishing in the range of information and resources offered. The FVP requires such an intense class for its volunteer advocates because the work the volunteers do on the helpline is very often about life and death — the life and death of a woman or man who is being domestically abused by her or his partner. In other words, this is serious business.

I hope to be one of those advocates soon so that I can begin to help the callers to be heard, to make a plan, to find safety, and to have a life free of emotional, verbal, mental and/or physical abuse at the hands of a partner who claims to love them.

If you are experiencing emotional, verbal, mental and/or physical abuse from your partner, call the FVP helpline at 1 (877) 890-7788.


Susan Parks


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