In Central Maine Sunday on April 4 (Resurrection Sunday) I saw the article entitled “Biden looks to restore faith.” So hopeful!

It took little time to realize the premise of the article was in reference to faith in the government. As a Christian my hope and faith are pinned on Christ, not on the government.

Biden’s statement that his policies are “resonating with Republican voters” is patently false in my substantial circle of family and friends. My hope is that Republican leaders will fight to keep Biden and the Democrats in check.

Michael Dyson was quoted as saying, in part, “the president is keenly aware that the moral trajectory of the United States has made a difference in both domestic and foreign policy.” In my opinion, as long as Biden stands for the murder of innocent babies in the womb, the moral trajectory of this nation is on a downward spiral.

Dyson also refers to the possible forces that want to undermine the “American experiment.” What the heck does he mean by “American experiment?!” Does he mean socialism, government overreach? I thought the “American experiment” started when those first weary travelers placed their feet on this soil; when they worked and struggled to provide shelter for themselves and families. They stood on their desire for independence in their faith but also to rise and be the masters of their future. To be all they could be without the tyranny and pressure of an over-bearing government.

In the final analysis, I believe in a government of the people, by the people and for the people. I do not believe either party is ever all wrong or all right. There are times people need help and they should be cared for.

But for those who can stand on their own God-given talents and abilities, let them do it! Without government intrusion.

Thelma Webber

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