Lewis Michaud Photo courtesy of the Gary Verver collection


AUGUSTA — The late Lewis Michaud was named Veteran of the Month for March at Maine Veterans’ Homes — Augusta.

Born in 1923, Michaud grew up in St. Agathe, on a potato farm run by his parents, Emile and Agnes (Picard) Michaud. He is one of seven children: three brothers, and three sisters, all of whom helped out on the family farm.

He attended Wisdom High School in St. Agathe, where he found himself outnumbered — he was the only boy in the class, as all of the others had left at some point to work on their family farms.

Michaud joined the Army in 1946 and was stationed in Tokyo, Japan. He was in the Honor Guard for Gen. Douglas MacArthur from June 1946 to February 1947.

After the military, Michaud married his sweetheart, Rinette, in August 1947. The couple met at a dance before he went into the Army. He and his wife shared a love for music and dance – they took any chance they could to enjoy a couple of spins around the dance floor.


The couple lived in Fort Kent when they started their family: son Peter and daughter Sylvia. From there, they moved to Madawaska and had their third child, Kenneth. Michaud then attended the University of Maine and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in agronomy, the study of soil management and crop production.

His first job out of college was for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, after which he worked for the Farm Credit Association, which loaned money to farmers in the St. John Valley. He later worked for the U.S. Customs Service where he finished out his career.

For many years, Michaud owned a camp on Long Lake, a gathering place for family and friends to create memories — boat rides, fishing, hunting, and other outdoor activities.

Michaud, a resident at the Augusta Maine Veterans’ Home who died before he could enjoy being named Veteran of the Month, had been a hardworking man who never wanted to stay still. He was often found getting his hands dirty in the garden, planting trees, walking, and even making jewelry. He became a dedicated silversmith in retirement and did that for 25 years.

Formerly a resident at Maine Veterans’ Homes — Augusta, Michaud passed away before he could enjoy the honor of being named Veteran of the Month for March.