Franklin County Children’s Task Force offers the following parenting classes through Zoom.

1,2,3 Magic: Learn a simple method to help manage difficult behaviors in children ages 18 months-12 years. Great for both caregivers and educators.

More 1,2,3 Magic: Build skills to encourage positive behavior, independence and self-esteem in children ages 18 months-12 years.

Active Parenting First Five Years: Active Parenting is for parents of children ages 5 to 12. It can help adults learn ways to raise responsible children who are able to resist negative peer pressure. Over the course of the program participants can learn non-violent discipline techniques plus effective communication and encouragement skills to build a solid foundation for the upcoming teen years.

Active Parenting 4th Edition: Active Parenting 4th Edition is a comprehensive parenting program helping parents of children ages 5 to 12 raise responsible, cooperative children who are able to resist negative peer pressure and thrive.

Active Parenting for Step Families: Couples can learn to work together to raise children in the challenging step-family environment using powerful communication and negotiation skills to strengthen new family relationships.


Active Parenting for Christian Families: Christian Active Parenting combines the best in proven parenting skills with the wisdom of the Christian faith to help participants achieve a fuller, more satisfying family life as you raise children of joy, character, and a living faith.

Surviving Your Adolescents: Learn how to manage and let go of your 12-18 year olds.

Cooperative Parenting and Divorce: This class can help divorcing parents learn to shield their children from conflict while establishing a positive co-parenting relationship.

Alcohol, Anger & Abuse: This innovative community-based training program for parents explores the understanding and prevention of the relationship between alcohol and other drug use and child abuse and neglect.

Families in Substance Abuse Treatment and Recovery: These group-based workshops are ideal for partners of parenting adults in treatment and recovery, extended family who may be parenting children of substance abusing adults, and adults in treatment and/or recovery who are in parenting relationships with children.

Nurturing Parenting: Learn about nurturing routines, recognizing and understanding feelings, alternatives to spanking, child development, infant and child massage, and ways to build self-esteem and self-concept in children.


Nurturing Parenting for Prenatal Families: The prenatal program addresses the current issues faced by parents expecting a child including the use of prescription drugs, substance use during pregnancy, the relationships between healthy pregnancy and proper nutrition, the effects of stress on the baby, ways to keep a healthy sexual relationship, and issues of body image, weight gain, dieting, and brain development during pregnancy.

The Nurturing Fathers Program: A course for men designed to teach parenting and nurturing skills that foster and support healthy family relationships and child development.

The Nurturing Hope Program: This class is specifically designed to support you and your family.

All classes are offered online via Zoom.

For more information, contact Franklin County Children’s Task Force 207-778-6960  or visit