To the women who while driving by an Augusta police cruiser at approximately 5 p.m. on April 12 gave the middle finger to the officer. I want you to know the kind of man you flipped off, although he wears the uniform that you apparently have no respect for.

The officer is a devoted husband, father, son, friend and, yes, police officer.

You don’t know how he worked and continues to work long hours, including a business, to support his family.

You don’t know how when my motorcycle broke down in the mountains of New Hampshire, all it took was a phone call and he was on his way to help with the needed part.

You don’t know how on his days off he is over at another friend’s house helping out with a construction project. Numerous friends and projects, I might add.

You don’t know how he took into his own home for a period a friend, someone with kids and nowhere to go.

So these are just a few things about the man behind the uniform. You didn’t know the heart behind the uniform but now you do.

Fred Zikowitz

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