Maine thrives because of its natural wonders and hard-working people. So much of Maine depends on our environment: tourism, guides, agriculture, outdoor recreation. However, there are no legal protections for our environment in the Maine constitution.

The Pine Tree Amendment will be a provision inserted into the constitution that will guarantee these essential protections. The amendment states that, “The people of the State have the right to a clean and healthy environment and to the preservation of the natural, cultural and healthful qualities of the environment …”

With these rights, Mainers would have power to bring legal suit against corporations that exploit Maine’s environment and the people of Maine. The new out-of-state hazardous waste site in your town, the proposed hydropower pipeline to bring power to Massachusetts, or a large development at the foot of your mountains. Your voice would be as loud as those of corporations.

Similar bills in Montana and Pennsylvania were able to prevent harmful unwanted fracking and environmental degradation in those states.

Please contact your legislators and tell them to support the Pine Tree Amendment. I want to be able to hike Bald Mountain with my children and their grandchildren. I want to be able to walk on the rocky shores of Penobscot Bay and swim in its cold clear water when I grow old.

Let Maine lead the way in the nation and secure the unalienable environmental rights that we should already have. Legislators usually need to hear from only four or five constituents to push through an issue. Our legislators care about us; let’s show them what we care about.

Maggie Blake


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