PITTSTON — Pittston has scheduled an election for July 20 to fill the Select Board position formally held by Fred Kimball.

Kimball resigned last week after holding the position for about 10 months.

His term was set to expire in March 2023.

Fred Kimball

Kimball said his decision came down to him feeling as if he did not fulfill his own expectations.

“When I first decided to run, I thought I could contribute different perspectives and when I was evaluating myself, I didn’t think I was achieving much,” he said. “In my time value ratio, the value (of work) in comparison to time was not there.”

Kimball said “every job has short-term goals” and he “didn’t think he accomplished” any in his role as select person.

Goals are important to his character and the way he does a job, he said.

Kimball ran for select board in July 2020 and said he wanted to see a change in the way the town handles contracts and proposals and wanted the town to prioritize capital efforts, saying, “not everything can be done in a year… I’d like the select board lead that effort for at least five years out, if not 10.”

When it came down to it, he didn’t think he could “point to something he helped accomplish.

In the beginning, he thought he could provide input on the financial and business side of things, since in addition to being a former select person, he has owned Distribution Design, a logistics consultant company for nearly three decades.

He said he enjoyed his time serving on the select board with two “smart” people, Jean Ambrose and Rodney Hembree, but left thinking he did not have anything else to contribute.

Ambrose did not respond to requests for comment by print time.

Kimball’s own personal short-term goal is to “stay healthy” so it “enables to so stuff as it comes up.”

He is looking into volunteering and doing activities that are mindful to him.

The election to fill Kimball’s role will take place on July 20 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and papers are available at the town office for those interested in running.

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