The letter by John Rossignol regarding the “unfairness” of offering gift cards to incentivize people who are latecomers to COVID vaccine reminded me of the parable of the vineyard workers (“Early vaccinators deserve gifts too,” May 25).

In the parable, the vineyard owner offers a silver coin to workers who agree to pick grapes all day. As the harvest goes on, he needs to hire more workers and offers the same amount at different times in the day, even though now the workday is shorter. At the end of the day those hired first express their frustration with “unfairness” of the pay they agreed to.

Those of us who received the vaccine early received the gift of a marked decrease in risk from COVID-19 during the peak times of the pandemic. The vaccine was free. After vaccination we provided lower risk of transmission to family, friends, and neighbors. We had the opportunity to support members of our community through volunteer work.

What is there to complain about?

Roger Renfrew

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