Thank you, Sen. Susan Collins, for voting to advance the bill to create an outside, independent commission to investigate the first insurrection the U.S. has ever suffered. Not since the Brits in 1812 has our Capitol been attacked.

Reporters say Collins worked to pull along enough colleagues to meet the 60-vote threshold needed to advance the plan to find the truth about the Jan. 6 coup attempt.

Senate President Mitch McConnell should be impeached or removed from office in any way possible for asking Republican senators to vote “nay” as a “personal favor.”

Come again? A personal favor? My God, is that what they do? Ask each other to support their bills as a “personal favors” rather than for their intents and contents?

Multiple legitimate news outlets reported McConnell wanted to protect former President Donald Trump, who instigated the insurrection (I watched every moment), told the crowd he would march with them to Congress to overturn our election results and to “fight like hell.” Once he was done instigating, he returned to the White House to watch his plan to steal the election on TV.

You see, people like Trump, who squished people from the podium or on Twitter, are the worst kind of coward. The truth will be revealed. It always is. Trump Jr. had the acute arrogance to tell the crowd that day, from his elevated platform so people could hear: “If you’re not a hero, you’re a zero.”

In the end, we will separate the wheat from the chaff — the heroes from the zeroes.


Liz Mockler


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