June 6, 1944, is remembered as D-Day, at least some of us remember that date.  More people remember Dec. 7, the date Pearl Harbor was bombed. D-Day was the date Allied forces invaded France to begin the ending of Word War II in Europe.  When I taught American History I found that many people today think Omaha Beach is in Nebraska and Normandy is near Sweden.

D-Day was a day of hope and death. Thousands of troops lost their life in a massive struggle to get from landing craft to the beach, across that wide beach and up a steep cliff all while being fired upon by German machine guns placed so that every yard of that area was covered.

During that war, mothers who lost sons were given a small banner with a gold star to hang in their window. Banners with blue stars were given to mothers of wounded soldiers. One such banner hung in the front window of my next door neighbor.

Not much was printed about D-Day this year. A few faint hints were found in the color comics, but nothing close to what I feel is the proper remembrance of an event that took place 77 years ago. I remember.

George Davis


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