Are you really dissatisfied?

I have worked for Central Maine Power Company for 35 years. And, over those years, I have seen an unwavering commitment from the CMP team to provide safe, reliable service to you, every hour of every day.

Yes, occasionally severe weather causes power outages. While other businesses and our State offices shut down for storms, the CMP team is on the job until every customer has power restored.

CMP is probably not a company you think about every day — nor should you have to. Our team is behind the scenes making sure that you have safe, reliable power, fair and accurate bills, and assistance with your account, if and when you need it. You likely have not had to contact us because, for most customers, there is simply no issue — despite what others would have you believe.

We serve our friends and neighbors. We support our communities and many causes and initiatives that are important to you.

Over the last few years, the media and some elected officials have tried to convince you that you are dissatisfied with your service from CMP, but are you really dissatisfied?


Leona Michelsen


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