The citizens of Augusta are leading a revitalization effort that is unrivaled in the state of Maine. Our citizens have voted for and built among other projects a new Cony High School, new senior housing projects, a renovated Lithgow Library, a new fire station, new parks, and now a new police station. Why? Because our citizens have decided that the city they love is moving forward. Our citizens have decided they want to live in a state capital they can be proud of and feel safe in.

Augusta is a community built by its citizens, and we, its citizens, deserve a new state-of-the-art police station in the heart of our beautiful city on Willow Street. Our citizens support the professional men and women of our police force and their efforts every day to keep us safe. And due to smart fiscal planning by city government, we have the financial resources to do it now without a property tax increase.

So, on June 15, “we” the citizens of Augusta will vote in support of our future, our families and our community. We will vote for the new police station. We will vote to keep moving forward.

At Large City Councilor

Marci A. Alexander


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