Follow carefully the meeting between Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden in the next few days. The perspective of both leaders have their own illusions of grandeur!

Biden will warn Putin that Russian treatment of dissidents is unacceptable. Putin will counter with the arrests of the rioters at our Capitol as equal treatment of dissidents.

We will complain of Russian invasion and occupation of Crimea, and they will point out our unprovoked invasion and occupation of Iraq.

We will criticize treatment of Navalny, and Putin will ask about our treatment of George Floyd and other people of color killed by government employees on a regular basis.

Our arguments are always “these acts are not condoned by our government,” while at the same time zero action is taken to eliminate the injustices in our country.

If we are going to lecture the world from a “moral high ground” we must be a moral society. The acceptance of daily gun violence, tens of thousands of citizens without health insurance, and the racial inequities that continue to persist are evidence that we haven’t reached the high ground yet.


Tom Turner


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