A growing issue I have with media, specifically social media and news, is the exemption of minority groups in many issues. I often see in several different media outlets where sources and interviews used are incredibly biased and fail to take into account the opposing side.

Of course, freedom of speech allows the opinions and beliefs of the people to be heard regardless of bias, but I also notice that these articles are seen as credible sources. For example, issues on racism are sometimes covered by white people and exclude the minority group they are covering. Consumers will read these articles without realizing the bias that has been implemented and bases their views on unreliable data and opinions.

To combat this, I believe that there needs to be more minority representation with both the source and interviews of the articles and the authors. This would create a more unbiased and reliable outlet for consumers.

The issue of lack of minority representation has always been a problem in media, and it seemingly will never stop being a problem. It’s hard to see the exclusion of so many groups out of their own problems, but hopefully, within some time the unreliable sources can be weeded out to create a reliable media society.


Evan Koenig


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