Anyone who wants to say clean energy is an issue for Democrats or a partisan one is mistaken. At its core, clean energy is about harnessing renewable, indigenous resources to produce real benefits for consumers — more affordable power, more choice, cleaner air, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions to name a few. Never mind local and rural job creation, potentially increased revenue going to cities and counties or energy independence.

It’s important Congress doesn’t forget these tangibles during ongoing conversations about where to allocate infrastructure dollars. As we rebuild and expand our infrastructure, we have an unmistakable opportunity to invest in the clean energy that will bring those benefits to bear in communities across the U.S., including Maine.

One Senate Committee is off to the right start and has unanimously put forth a surface transportation bill which highlights the role that clean energy plays in the U.S.’s critical infrastructure. From promoting energy-efficiency, building out EV charging, and permitting reform, it’s a bold step in the right direction.

It’s up for Congress to pick up the ball. The country needs lawmakers to come to a consensus on infrastructure and pass a bill that reflects the needs of Americans from both parties — and that includes clean energy.

Ben Twitchell

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