Forest Hills High School Math Team of Jackman. Contributed photo

JACKMAN — Forest Hills earned first place in the East/West Conference (Class D) Championship Math Meet held on March 15. With a combined team total of 407 points, they beat out second place Temple Academy who were right on the Tigers’ heels by a slim margin of only 2 points.

Star math student, Carli Frigon and freshman was high scorer for Forest Hills, and also the conference, earning 68 out of a possible 72 points (missing only one question).

Other standouts that placed into the Top 10 of the meet were Parker Desjardins (4th place, 63 points), Mason Desjardins (5th place, 59 points), Alexis Campbell (7th place, 55 points), and David Lessard (9th place, 49 points).

Forest Hills East/West Conference Championship Math Meet contributors included:

Freshmen — Grace Allen, Leo Campbell, Cooper Daigle, Carli Frigon, Emma Lacasse, Karaline Mays, Aurelie Poulin, Daunte Taylor, Denali Taylor and Braidan Welch.

Sophomores — Robert Bouffard, Mason Desjardins, Jayden Feliberty, Joey Fountaine, Kyleigh Hawes, Owen Lacasse, Hiram Logston, Terran Moore, Cody Oliver, Brian Snider and Tommy Sylvester.

Juniors — Jackman Daigle, Brody Hale, David Lessard, Madisyn Petrucci, Christopher Somerset, Dale Varney and Emily Veilleux.

Seniors — Alexis Campbell, Parker Desjardins, Taylor Fountaine, Sarah Hoyt, Aiden Obert, Angie Rodriguez and Miranda Shelley.

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