Maine Forest Service foresters Julie Davenport, center, and Jim Ferrante, right, talk with biology class students at Carrabec High School in North Anson. Student Josiah Wyman is left of Davenport. Photo by Kelsey Creamer

NORTH ANSON — Julie Davenport and Jim Ferrante, foresters who work for the Maine Forest Service, visited Carrabec High School June 8 and 9 to speak to students in biology classes.

In addition to describing the local forest ecology beside the high school, they talked about the type of work they do as foresters. It involves working with private landowners, logging companies, paper companies and others. They also talked about the education, training, and personal experience that prepared them to do what they do.

Davenport and Ferrante said there is a great need for people to do this kind of work. There are, and will continue to be, many opportunities for people in this and related fields. It is a chance to stay in Maine, do meaningful work, and be outside while doing it.

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