LEWISTON – It is with great sorrow and a broken heart that Cristie and James Hodsdon announce the passing of their sweet baby boy, James Robert Hodsdon Jr. “JJ”. On Sunday, May 30, 2021, James and Cristie were told that JJ’s heart had stopped beating. Cristie and James quickly prepared to deliver JJ via cesarean and spent the next day holding and loving JJ until Cristie was released from the hospital on Monday. At this time, this is what Cristie and James know:JJ was an extremely handsome little guy that they can’t help but share with everyone via pictures and descriptions. Cristie and James are asking that folks reach out to them for pictures given the nature of the photos, Cristie and James are not freely sending photos at this time.JJ looked very much like his super awesome big brother Zander; his head was perfectly round like Zander’s when Zander was born. JJ had strawberry blonde hair that he gets from his handsome Daddy, James. JJ’s lips and ears distinctly resembled Daddy too. JJ inherited his Mommy’s button nose, which both of his sister’s Ema and Lillee also have. JJ’s chin was identical to his sister’s–Lillee. Looking at JJ was a blessing and holding him was the sweetest moment. The excitement felt when seeing his face and holding his tiny body was indescribable. Though there’s no answers as to do why JJ left this world too soon, Cristie and James find peace with knowing that JJ is being united with his family and friends that have passed before him and would like everyone to know who is cuddling JJ now: great-grandmothers Vera Pollard, Gertrude Crowley, and Betty (Prescott) Hodsdon and great-grandfathers Raymond Caron, Bob Ricker, Peter Richards, and Robert Hodsdon. JJ is also flying high with his cousin, Rob Glover, and his tiny friends that never got to grow up in this world either, Theo and Jocelyn Hinson. One thing is for sure, JJ is being loved and held tight by many who have passed before him. It was incredibly heart wrenching to tell JJ’s Nana, Cindy Pollard, that she would never have the pleasure of providing daycare for JJ. Nana’s heart is broken that she’s never going to hold JJ and Lillee together in the morning for snuggle time, swing him on the play gym with his big sister, Lillee, and never have the opportunity to teach him the letter “A”. It fills Cristie and James’ hearts with sadness knowing that Pop-Pop, Calvin Pollard, will never get to tease JJ or teach him to tinker on cars, lawn mowers, or anything else that has a motor. JJ will never meet Gram Bear, Dawn Hodsdon, nor Pop, Kevin Richards. JJ will not be here to meet Papa Caron, Michael Caron nor Mammy Dawn Caron when they arrive for their annual trip back to Maine in August this year nor any other year. All of JJ’s grandparents and great-grandparents have lost their littlest grandchild and will never have that chance to spoil “the baby”. It is unbearable to know that JJ will never know the feeling of being snuggled tight by his great-grandmothers here on earth, Leda Ricker, Jackie Richards, and Martha Lawrence. JJ will never get to play with his siblings, Ema Higgins, Alana Boulier, Zander Hodsdon and Coreena “Lillee” Caron. Nor will JJ grow up and relish the love and joy of his cousins, Nathan, Noah, and Brooke Newell, Legend Dunn, Logan and Briannah Caron, Cody and Sadie Veinot, Khloee and Kourtnee Denis, Kayla, Spencer and Jamerson Lessner, Emily and Ethan Sinclair, and Matthew and Cameron Tenney. JJ’s aunts and uncles who will never get to cherish JJ are: Amanda and Andrew Pollard, Mike and Paul Caron, Matthew Tenney, Dylan Sinclair, and Billie Jo Denis.JJ will never meet his bonus aunts that patiently awaited his arrival and came to Portland to hold him, Cristie and James are forever grateful for the love and support that these two women have given for several years now, Sara and Samantha Hinson and their children, Liliah and Harper Doyle, Isaiah Furlong and Eden Emery. These two women have been an inspiration and amazing support for Cristie and James as both Sara and Samatha have lost their beloved Theo and Jocelyn. WIthout their support and love, this experience would be much harder. Cristie and James want to thank Sara and Sam from the bottom of their hearts for reliving this horrific experience again, to support Cristie and James through the loss of JJ. James and Cristie are forever grateful for all the love and support from family, friends, colleagues, co-workers, and even perfect strangers. Due to the amount of money that was raised on the Go Fund me page and money sent from outside Go Fund me, JJ’s grandparents will each have a pendant or memorabilia to have of JJ and Cristie and James were able to get jewelry with JJs ashes to hold him close every day.Words cannot express the gratitude that James and Cristie feel. James and Cristie also want to thank the two nurses that made a huge difference in this experience: Brooke and Michelle from Maine Medical Center. This experience would have been much harder without these two nurses. Fly high, little guy.Mommy and Daddy will love you and patiently await the day we hold you again. Arrangements are under the care and direction of The Fortin Group, 70 Horton St., Lewiston.

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