As a member of the Legislature’s Transportation Committee, I understand the need in our state and nation for infrastructure development, especially building out our energy infrastructure. Which is one of the reasons I’m thankful that Senate Republicans and Democrats, and the White House have come together to develop a broad-ranging, innovative, and bipartisan infrastructure investment framework that includes real investment in clean energy infrastructure. These investments should be used to increase the efficient utilization of traditional energy sources and increase reliability; all while lowering cost. I’m also thankful we have Sen. Susan Collins helping to lead this effort, which will benefit all Mainers.

The infrastructure investments outlined in the bipartisan framework would have a positive impact on Maine’s economy, businesses of all sizes, and the job prospects of our hard working people. Updating our roads, bridges, and other essential infrastructure will improve the economic environment and lower operating costs for Maine companies, while at the same time providing projects for many of these firms (with many downstream impacts for contractors, subcontractors, and partners etc.) and creating good jobs for their employees (with wages that are put back into local communities).

Investments in renewable energy infrastructure would also drive economic growth and create good-paying jobs, including significant numbers of next-generation jobs for Mainers. A diverse energy portfolio that includes cost effective clean energy infrastructure investments will provide a variety of affordable energy choices for Mainers and Maine businesses. From there, the ripple effect will impact everyone.

None of this would be possible, however, without Sen. Collins’ leadership in crafting such a comprehensive bipartisan infrastructure investment framework. We should all support her as she works to secure final passage of this important legislation.

Sen. Brad Farrin


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