There is again a leader in Maine speaking with anger and hate, choosing to act in ways that split us apart. Rep. Charlotte Warren represents Hallowell, Manchester and West Gardiner (House District 84). She posted on Facebook comments that targeted white males and termed it a “call to action” for her “queers and gal pals.” She cautioned white men not to complain and ended mocking America and free speech. Rep. Warren is a Democrat. What if a Republican said such things?

The Maine Legislative leadership isn’t consistent. They recently acted quickly to sanction members who would not wear masks. However, this story seems to be buried. How can House Speaker Ryan Fecteau charge racism when pointing out his anger with a specific race. It suggests the need for self-reflection.

Rep. Warren also wrote “#CanWeGetSomeTherapistsUpInHere.” Ironically, Rep. Warren voted for legislation that stopped therapists from counseling people. The post has been removed and her account is missing now, but is this an institutional problem within the majority party in Maine? Other Democratic legislators signed onto the post to heartily agree. Voters should take notice!

Penelope Morrell



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