Roger Katz’s recent letter “Pass DREAM Act to Honor America” (July 4) was infuriating.

We are currently having the worst border crisis in decades, if not ever. To give any sort of legal status to people who are here illegally would just encourage more people to come because they would assume they would get the same deal a few years down the road. Moreover, we are constantly told that the “Dreamers” came here through no fault of their own, but no one points out that until something is done about chain migration, if they get citizenship they would be able to sponsor their parents, who definitely are at fault for violating our border.

Yes, polls show that large numbers of Americans support allowing Dreamers to stay if the question is phrased that way. But does that mean they want immediate legalization and a path to citizenship without first securing the border, or just that they are in favor of eventually giving Dreamers some sort of legal status once everything is resolved?

And they are not “a small group of young people.” Several million people would likely be eligible for any DREAM Act amnesty.

Roger Katz voted for a president who has effectively opened the border. Now Katz supports giving even more incentives for illegal aliens to flow into our country. Maybe he is of the same mind as Bill Kristol, who said that Americans are lazy and need to be replaced by immigrants who will make better servants for the economy. I say America is a people, not just a shopping mall to be run for the benefit of the financial sector.

One has to wonder why folks such as Katz and Kristol feel so little sense of loyalty or concern for the American people.


Michael Jose


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