As I do every Sunday morning, a couple Sundays ago I eagerly ambled to our rural mailbox to fetch the anticipated paper. (I thoroughly enjoy its diversity of articles, its interesting recipes and the many thought-provoking stories.) The Maine Millennial’s offerings generally get my attention. I find her column very open, honest, personal and even rather raw at times.

After I had read more than half of Victoria Hugo-Vidal’s July 4 column, which focused on the topic of global warming, I read the following words, which I find disturbing and prejudicial. She stated that Mainers were dragging their feet on this crucial issue because “they’re old … it won’t affect them.” While many Mainers are old, to lump them all together as having a negative mindset about the critical matter of climate change is called “ageism”!

I firmly believe that most of our older citizens care very deeply about the future of our planet – not just for themselves but also, especially, for their children and grandchildren. Many have the resources and time to be strong advocates for change and are out there doing just that. And, yes, there are many among us who do not have access to education, nor the resources to make the necessary changes in their lifestyles to help mitigate the effects of global warming.

You, Victoria Hugo-Vidal, have the media at your disposal and, therefore, are in a position to influence public policy and to promote educational opportunities for the public good. You go, girl!

G. Marianne Heinrich-Perry

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