The University of Maine at Augusta has announced its 2021 spring semester full-time dean’s list.

To qualify for the full-time dean’s list, students must a) complete a minimum of 12 credit hours of 100-level or higher UMA coursework (exclusive of pass/fail courses); and b) maintain a semester grade point average in these courses is 3.25 or higher, with no grade below C- in any of these courses.

Names are listed alphabetically by county and city within the state of Maine, followed by national and international.

Lauren Arneson, Nolan Cartwright, Jerrie Doerr, Quinlan Dubois, Emily Grieve, Rachel Larrivee, Megan Lavigne, Elizabeth Merfeld, Brandon Vye and Robin Woodard, all of Auburn; Drew Greco and Bill Longtin, both of Greene; Zachary Emmons, Nicky Sargent and Ashley Sturtevant, all of Leeds; Joshua Caron, Lauren Despins, Charles Ernesto, Jocelyn French, Michayla Griffin, Dru Keenan, Mohamed Khalid, John LeBlond, Mariah Madore, Alex Reblin, Bill Reed, Megan Theriault, Kelli Thum and Michael Umayam, all of Lewiston; Samantha Augello and Tamara Hull, both of Lisbon; Jenn Moody of Lisbon Falls; Alexa Harmatys of Livermore; Riley Gray of Livermore Falls; Kevin Mitchell of Mechanic Falls; Kira Gelinas and Tyler Romano, both of Poland; Desirae Dumais, Adam Hall, Josh Morin, Kaitie St. Jean and Kiera Young, all of Sabattus; Taylor Day and April Thrasher, both of Turner; and Amy Burns of Wales.

Xavier Gomez of Caribou; Keely LeBlanc of Connor Township; Whitney Bridges, Jordan Cummings and Kyle White, all of Houlton; Abbie Worthley of Linneus; and Kassidy Sirois of Presque Isle.

Adam Ranco of Bridgton; Tiffany Bain, Tracy Belanger, Nicole Canter, Abbey Kenney, Chris Nicholson, Angus Putnam, Mariah Richards and Jes Torres, all of Brunswick; Walker Elsaesser and Cara Stevens, both of Casco; Sid Baxter of Cumberland Center; Vanessa Higgins of Falmouth; Jemayla Nelsonwood of Freeport; Jenny Leo of Gorham; Erica Lowell of Gray; Cameron Landry of Harpswell; Skylar Roberts of North Yarmouth; Rachel Baker, Stevie Bonnevie, Elizabeth Erbe, Sydney House, Brandt Larson, Hillary Nash and Richard Schriewer, all of Portland; Jenny Thompson of Raymond; Jessica Angelova of South Portland; Jennifer Christensen and Matt Fardon, both of Standish; and Franz Jerosch of Yarmouth.

Miranda Chapman of Farmington; Baylie McLaughlin of Freeman Township; Destiny Daigle, Justin Proctor and Jenny Welch, all of Jay; Jordan Smith and Jared Winslow, both of New Sharon; Hailey Walker of Strong; and Emily Clemens, Hailey Ehrig, Matt Hosie and Nick Richardson, all of Wilton.

Brooke Moores of Amherst; River Francis, Heather Halliday and Raven Radziewicz, all of Bar Harbor; Rylie Clough of Bass Harbor; Laura Cass, Jessica Kardos, Stephanie McGuire and Heather Oliver, all of Blue Hill; Emma Crosby of Brooksville; Heather Chase, Natalee Pyle and Emma Verrill, all of Bucksport; Alyssa Boyd and Farran Gray, both of Dedham; Cindy Polley of East Orland; Nicole Blair of Eastbrook; Alicia Bell, Kristen Cartier, Carol Lyons, Justin Muniz and Katherine Pierce, all of Ellsworth; Peter Starkey of Franklin; Mathew Alley, Macey Jordan and Adriana Richard, all of Hancock; Sara Bair and Rachel Barnes, both of Orland; Justin Seip of Otis; Jess McVay of  Sedgwick; Bryce Coombs and Lauren Hanna, both of Sullivan; Dori LeMoine of Swans Island; and Zach Asbury of Waltham.

Hannah Crommett of Albion; Hadeel Alsaleh, Alena Ambers, Jason Baker, Paige Berube, Ryan Boyle, Israel Brown, Kyia Bryant, Emily Cunningham, Michele Drew, Madeline Duff, Barclay Finck, Kendra Furber, Ryan Gary, Annabel Grimshaw, Sara Halsey, Hannah Harris, Shelby Heikkinen, Stormy Kittredge, Cassie Mangano-Correa, Trena Martin, Brooklynn Moore, Elizabeth Moulton, Joy Nelson, Michael Nicolosi, Alex Robinson, Alyssa Schriver, Mike Silva, Luc Sirois, Joseph Spiller, Mairi St. Amand, Allison Walton, Liz Wyman, Mohammed Yaqoob and Elizabeth Young, all of Augusta; Marcia Coburn, Sarah Cormier, Megan Dickey, Briana Kramer, Jordan Phillips, Kenzie Pratt and Will Wentworth, all of Belgrade; Melissa Patterson,  Ciarrah Roy and Emily Whittemore, all of Benton; Caleb Daggett, Anthony Hammond, Rachael Judkins and Crystal White, all of Chelsea; Caleb Poulin of Clinton; Renee Bolduc of Fairfield; Doug Andrews, Lauren Hendrickson, Lily Marston and Izzy Martinez, all of Farmingdale; Cole Kubicki of Fayette; Will Barkalow, Romeo Buentello, Natasha Clarke, William Davis, Emily Frost, Shelby Giannelli, Cheyenne Haley, Ellen Karlberg, Austin Libby, Sierra Nestor and Hillary Ware, all of Gardiner; Julia Cross, Steven Hubert, Buddy Iaciofano, Noah Jovin, Mathilde Lamezec, David Leon, Francis Ofori, Savannah Paul, Jesse Poole, Antonio Sirabella and Sara Thomas, all of Hallowell; Jennifer Twadelle of Litchfield; Jaime Coull and Taylor Maltese, both of Manchester; Alyssa Albert, Wade Coulombe, Haylee Langlois, Amanda Morris and Brenda Ouellette, all of Monmouth; Maddi Duval and Emily Williams, both of Mount Vernon; Kaeti Butterfield, Caitlin Cram, Megan Record and Elizabeth Shardlow, all of North Monmouth; Deborah Brown, Shawn Collins, Brandy Dickens, Emily Gombos, Bailey Hudson, Stephen Lewis and Kim Sherman, all of Oakland; Brittany Chesley, Michele Heath, Kristal Smith and Monica Spatafore, all of Pittston; Ashleigh Champ, Ben Godfrey, Lauren Goodison, Angela Thorpe and Emiley Wheeler, all of Randolph; Abby Whitcomb of Readfield; Kasey Vogt of Rome; Marisha Bernard, Daphanie Blair, Scott McCallister, Dayna Plourde and Myranda Wohlford, all of Sidney; Julia Basham, Michelle Brunton, Alyssa Hale, Eric Languet, Rachel London, Rivers Malcolm, Eli Murphy, Cassidy Penney, Serena Sepulvado, Kim Sollitt and Stephanie Vinson, all of South China; Jayla Brann, Robin Brann, Haley Breton, Patrick Carter, Elizabeth Duenne, Alexis Haskell, Chris Kimball and Molly Worthley, all of Vassalboro; Skylar Addy, Dakota Allen, Mike Bridges, Amber Collman, Courtney Gendreau, Emma Giannelli, Samantha Harvey, Leann Hewey, Alex Maheux, Isaiah Merrill, Markayla Morris, Cam Vicnaire and Emily Wertz, all of Waterville; Jay Esmahan of Wayne; Megan Barto, Kyara Dawbin, Anna Grant, Ben Jensen, Audrey Palmer and Doug Staniszewski, all of West Gardiner; Abby Haskell, Kristen King and Alyssa Savage, all of Windsor; Kimberly Boutin, Veronica Burgett, Hallie Dugal, Nicholas Duperry, Courtney Gosselin Pomeroy, Aaron Harmon, Josh Juskewitch, Jake Lapierre, Katelynn Larsen,  Isabella Moody, Alexis Powers, Michelle Roderick and Mackenzie Small, all of Winslow; and Kris Anthony, Catharine Audette, Morgan Crocker, Hannah Eason, Alex Gibson, Alex Johnson, Samantha Mott-Titus, Elizabeth Peters, Shelby Stone, Libby Wright and Maddy Wright, all of Winthrop.

Heidi Obuchon of Appleton; Dana Clark, Creed Griffin, Samuel Kohlstrom, River Lombardi, Jacob Shirey, Celena Zacchai and Jieen Zheng, all of Camden; Paige Colson and Nikki Elliott, both of Cushing; Chris Chaffee and Heidi Simmons, both of Friendship; Chelsea Young of Hope; Jacquelyn Betts, Trene Corlis, Morgan Heal, Molly Mclaughlin, Hannah Potter, Lisa Spaulding, Chaya Stilson, Brenda Thomas and Taylor Yattaw, all of Rockland; Mistydawn Bowen, Tandra Fielding, Phil Lane and Sara Wandell, all of Rockport; Cat Fletcher of Saint George; Anna-Lena Thorbjornson of Tenants Harbor; Nick Bajor, Jalene Blackman,  Alexandra Curtis, Brian Haskell and Danelle Kruger, all of Thomaston; Hamish Bodine, Maddie LaFrance and Nathaniel Small, all of Union; Grace Anderson, Esther Chase, Grace Kurr, Virginia LaFlamme, Nicole Obuchon and Victoria Wheaton, all of Warren; and Isaac Casas, Daryan Daniello, Crystal Moody and Micah Nelson, all of Washington.

Kyle Levasseur and Jade Rego, both of Alna; Amy Henderson of Boothbay; Shawna Tierney of Bristol; Julia Goode of Damariscotta; Arianna Gervais, Sean Lando and Hailey Pitcher, all of Jefferson; Tara Hire of Monhegan; Carrie Lawrence of Nobleboro; Faith Krause of Somerville; Natashia Bauer of Southport; Lacey Beal, Nikolas Cole, Skyla Dyer, Tyler Lee and Samantha Pelkey, all of Waldoboro; Kayla Hodgkins, Myriam Perreault, Falecia Potter, Brendan Surette, Nicole Swift, Sydnie Thayer and Jacob Walmer, all of Whitefield; and Shannon Rose of Wiscasset.

Ashley Walker of Canton; Matraca Bellegarde of Dixfield; Casey Simmons of Lovell; Bre Burgess and Courtney Harmon, both of Mexico; Lisa Gallant, Israel Longoria and Izabel Wales, all of Norway; Jessica Paine of Otisfield; Brianna Abbott, Brianna Green and Devon Willard, all of Oxford; Erica Arsenault of Peru; Candace Arsenault, Emma Casey, Lily Pearmain, Amanda Petrie, Amanda Spitzer and Dan Veale, all of Rumford; and Michelle Duchesneau and Sara Estes, both of South Paris.

Chelsea Anderson, Elizabeth Andrews, Jessica Bouchard, Brooke Brehaut, Kaitlynn Brown, Tiffany Browning, Catherine Butterfield, Heather Commeau, Jaden Crawford, Sarah Diehl, Heidi England, Amanda Feix, Felicity Fraser, Grace Hills, Emerson Jones, Thaddeus Jozefowicz, Cassandra Landry, Nicholas McLaughlin, Pretty Neptune, Erin Norton, Kaleigh Parks, Ronnie Pinkham, Kiarra Richards, Nicole Roberts, Yodit Rosenbauer, Emily Sala, Lindsey Sanders, Jessica Shaw, Sarah Small, Cody Smith, Will Sneed, Ian Stewart, Brittney Thomas, Sam Wasielewski, all of Bangor; Lilyana Aloes, Delenn Colson, Jake Danforth, Joseph Johnston and McKenna Porter, all of Brewer; Jamie Demmons of Charleston; Kayla Buswell and Brittany Ireland, both of Clifton; Lauren Underhill of Corinna; Cassidy Lessner, Erin Martin and Kaden Stalter, all of Corinth; Joni Lowell and Ashleigh Mahoney, both of East Millinocket; Mikki Barlow, Demian Quimby and Heidi Toner, all of Eddington; Jenifer Hogan of Edinburg; Macy Salls of Etna; Delee Springer and Erin Weeks, both of Garland; Hannah Gamble, Erin Speed and Faith Tapley, all of Glenburn; Zach Boss and Megan Russell, both of Hampden; Brady Hurd, Emily Smith, Ryan Thomas and Nicole Turmel, all of Hermon; Dylan Morin of Howland; Kiara Mitchell of Indian Island; Morgan Crone, Catherine Tolman and Katherine Waite, all of Kenduskeag; Virginia Aldrich of Lee; Alisa Pelkey and Mark Phillips, both of Levant; Lindsey Gelfuso, April Hanson, Lucas Jordan, Kortnie Trott, Emily Worster and Tom Worster, all of Lincoln; Kristin Bemis, Adam Kenny and Sam Martin, all of Milford; Lacey Audibert, Sherri Downes, Ellie Fiske and Bethany Sykes, all of Millinocket; Emma Gagnon of Newburgh; Becca Buzanoski, Zakary Ellis, Veronica Hodges and Lydia Moore, all of Newport; Naomi Dawson, Arianna Gordon, Monica Hursh, Amber Sudsbury and Delaney Veilleux, all of Old Town; Corey Coombs, Saige Goodwin, Jade Hayden, Hunter Hoague and Joy Wasson, all of Orono; Courtney Demmons of Orrington; Mackenzie Chaisson of Passadumkeag; Cheyenne Moody of Prentiss Township; Benjamin Atkerson of Seboeis Plantation; Tammy Littlefield and Martina Wing, both of Veazie; Brett Trapier of West Enfield; and May Toby of Winn.

Jessica Atkinson of Orneville Township; and Madelynn Crosby and Tamarlenea Gilman, both of Sangerville.

Rebecca Bodeen, Mindy Smith and Caleb Stahl, all of Bath; Brittany Shearer of Bowdoin; Narcisse Isafamba and Bryanne Lancaster, both of Bowdoinham; Abby Deschaine, Mathew Johnson, Jayne King, Ashley Patten and Elizabeth Porter, all of Richmond; and Jason Downing of West Bath.

Malia Witherell of Anson; Arron Richard of Bingham; Chelsea Cookson of Cambridge; Nichole Dishuk, Benjamin Dunlap, Heather Kirk and Allison Mitchell, all of Canaan; Adam Hewey of Cornville; Elizabeth Bolduc, Eran Dowd, Jada Gauthier, Mamie Matthews, Bryn Mayo, Reagan Parlin, Rowan Saucier and Danny Shifflett, all of Fairfield; Emily Elwell of Hartland; Josie Holden of Jackman; Kaz Bessey Pease of Lexington Township; Noah Cowan and Mary Malcolm, both of Madison; Kiley Holt of New Portland; Tamera True of Norridgewock; Belinda Barrows, Jamie Haining, Jim Haining and Isaac Sacks, all of Palmyra; Josh Engelhardt of Pittsfield; Megan Muller and Chelsey Roy, both of Saint Albans; and Brittany Brown, Lauren Enright, Courtney Hayden and Corinna Huard, all of Skowhegan.

Randi Box, Sarah Duval, Brandi Rollins, Jamie Sanders and Mary Weiss, all of Belfast; Jenn Drew of Freedom; Allura Bryant of Jackson; Alyce Goodridge and Hope Osgood, both of Lincolnville; Anastasia Hills and Nicole Murdock, both of Montville; Jason Hunter of Northport; Elijah Allen, Kris Bishop and Caleb Coffin, all of Palermo; Zac Adolphsen, Erica Cyr, Desi Dodd and Mary Robbins, all of Searsmont; Piper Stiles of Searsport; Melanie Hieter of Stockton Springs; Andrea Crawford of Swanville; and Korey Cioe of Troy.

Nathan Phelps and Jessica Wood, both of Baileyville; Lucas Knowles and Travis McGivery, both of Calais; Mike Donahe and Halle Sullivan, both of Eastport; Caleb Aarsand of Harrington; Rebecca Burgess of Marshfield; Denise Curtis of Milbridge; Amanda Farrell of Perry; Karissa Holland of Princeton; and Stacy Grant of Steuben.

Nicholas Smart of Alfred; Christopher Scoville of Arundel; Ayla Aldrich, Katie Delcourt and Jennifer Young, all of Biddeford; Elizabeth Shepard of Cornish; Tiffany Shaw of Dayton; Christian Ciampa of Eliot; Jennifer Maynard of Kennebunk; Andrew Lambert and Brenda Plummer, both of Limington; Rose Cyr of Old Orchard Beach; Jessica Howard and Rob Rapalus, both of Saco; Danielle Dunham of Sanford; Aiden Stone of South Berwick; Samuel Livingston and Marisa Merrifield, both of Wells; and Steven Smith of York.

Shunn Frazier of Jonesboro, Arkansas; Rayanna Hancock of Tucson of Arizona; Christy Powell of Moreno Valley, California; Katrina Munoz of Sacramento, California; Gabriella Martinez of Pueblo, Colorado; Julie Garrett of West Hartford, Connecticut; Hannah Tyce of Hamden, Connecticut; Amanda Mantegna of West Haven, Connecticut; Isabella Precourt of Brooklyn, Connecticut; Madison Winslow of Panama City, Florida; Betsy Short-Nieves of Riverview, Florida; Maria Miranda of Miami, Florida; Jeremy French of Apopka, Florida; Jenifer Hathaway, Vishal Joshi and Sydney Webster, all of Orlando, Florida; Anthony Portuondo of Windermere, Florida; Robyn Keeton and Josh Montanez, both of Winter Park, Florida; Jordy Fernandez and Lissette Pichardo Taveras and Victor Pichardo Taveras, all of Kissimmee, Florida; Marlene Fisher of Saint Augustine, Florida; Adam Espinal of New Smyrna Beach, Florida; Harnish Trivedi of Warner Robins, Georgia; Melissa Herrin Waycross, Georgia; Rebecca Seaborn of Yates City, Illinois; Karan Storlie of McHenry, Illinois; Sylvia Phillips of Mascoutah, Illinois; Tiffany Swopes of Morgantown, Indiana; David Galan of  Lafayette, Lousianna; Lexie Newton of Fort Polk, Louisiana; Kat Keller of Hinsdale, Massachusetts; Denise Logan of Newburyport, Massachusetts; Theodore Pitman of  Swampscott, Massachusetts; Michael Jungers of Tyngsboro, Massachusetts; Regina Simmons of Nantucket, Massachusetts; Natasha Saviano of Wrentham, Massachusetts; Evan Ames of Scituate, Massachusetts; Julia Taylor of Brookfield, Massachusetts; Magda Fidalgo of Leominster, Massachusetts; Elizabeth Cluster of Upper Marlboro, Maryland; Claire Horn of Kalamazoo, Michigan; Dennis Bergevin of Portage, Michigan; Tim Aderhold of Minneapolis, Minnesota; Cara Mikaelian of Springfield, Missouri; John Wicks of Missoula, Montana; Jonathan Owens of Harrisburg, North Carolina; Elisabeth Olguin of Cameron, North Carolina; Ariana Ellsworth-Heller of Keene, New Hampshire; Stephanie Bolton of West Stewartstown, New Hampshire; Ashley Lovas of Londonderry, New Hampshire; Bryant Sirois of Newmarket, New Hampshire; Christina Dougherty of National Park, New Jersey; Amanda Silvestri of Seaside Heights, New Jersey; Jason Broadwell of Albuquerque, New Mexico; Philomena Kern of Buffalo, New York; Zachary Lazarchuck of Redwood, New York; Heather Galetto of Spencerport, New York; Leanna Morris of Laurelton, New York; Vicky DePinto of Patchogue, New York; Samantha Perez of Cortlandt Manor, New York; Brandon Kazimir of Cleveland, Ohio; Rebecca Forman of York Springs, Pennsylvania; Danielle Grosz of East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania; Nick Bockman of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Abbey Small of Warwick, Rhode Island; Ryan Lagasse of West Greenwich, Rhode Island; Elizabeth Manfredi of Westerly, Rhode Island; Ashley Parker of Easley, South Carolina; Cordale Addison of Rock Hill, South Carolina; Ronnie Whitt of Munford, Tennessee; Gabrielle Vesely of Angleton, Texas; Sarah Crosby of Aubrey, Texas; Jermaine Figueroa of Houston, Texas; Wende Rickett of Jewett, Texas; Clarissa Rodriguez of Pecos, Texas; Rebekah Wolff of Euless, Texas; Brittany Ramirez of Austin, Texas; Sunny Girard of Wichita Falls, Texas; Ina Samuel of Salt Lake City, Utah; Brittany Varney of Appomattox, Virginia; Lielt Asfaw of Arlington, Virginia; Martene Battle of Hampton, Virginia; Angie McGuire of Henrico, Virginia; Tyler Paul of Fort Lee, Virginia; Kayla Burnett of Woodbridge, Virginia; Kaitlyn Leckliter of Front Royal, Virginia; Mackenzie Cummings of Williamsburg, Virginia; Daniel Cass of West Richland, Washington; Flynn Weeks of Gerrardstown, West Virginia; and Robin Pradilla, Inwood, West Virginia.

Henri Bizindavyi of Bujumbura, Burundi; Andrey Tytchino of Niagara Falls, Canada; Arisha Daniel, of North York, Canada; Jieun Yun of Cheongju-si, South Korea; Matija Andjelkovic of Belgrade, Serbia; Jovan Sisovic of Novi Sad, Serbia; and Minjoo Kim, Johannesburg Gauteng, South Africa.