PORTLAND — AARP Maine seeks nominations for its 2021 AARP Andrus Award for Community Service, which honors those individuals who are sharing their experience, talent, and skills to enrich the lives of their community members.

The annual award is named after Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus, who founded AARP in 1958 at the age of 73.

“Volunteerism is a proven way to enhance retirement for older Americans,” said Noël Bonam, AARP Maine state director, according to a news release. “Many find that they want to remain actively involved while leveraging their experience and wisdom. They realize that volunteerism fulfills this need and the desire to help others. Through this recognition, AARP Maine encourages members and prospective members to use their skills and talents as a way to remain vital as well as make a difference in their community.”

The screening of nominees will be performed by a panel of AARP staff and volunteers. This screening includes the review of a range of criteria including each nominee’s positive impact on their community and the lives of individuals age 50 and over.

Pat Pinto, current AARP Maine volunteer state president, said the “AARP Maine Andrus Award acts as a symbol to our members and to the public that we can all work together for positive social change. AARP makes things better for society and has long valued the spirit of volunteerism and the important contributions AARP volunteers make to their communities and neighbors.”

AARP Andrus Award for Community Service nominees must meet the following eligibility requirements:

• Nominees must be 50 or older, but do not need to be a member of AARP;

• The achievements, accomplishments or service on which nominations are based must have been performed on a volunteer basis, without pay, and must reflect AARP’s vision and mission;

• Couples or partners who perform service together are eligible; however, teams are not;

• The recipient must live in the awarding state; and

• This is not a posthumous award.

The application deadline is Aug. 15. For nomination forms and further information, visit aarp.org.

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