SKOWHEGAN — Closed cases for Jan. 4-8, 2021, in Skowhegan District Court and Somerset County Superior Court:

Derek Avery, 38, of Corinna, on Sept. 27, 2019, in Pittsfield: unlawful trafficking in scheduled drugs, $400 fine, three-year Department of Corrections sentence all but nine months suspended, two-year probation; aggravated trafficking of scheduled drugs and disorderly conduct — loud unreasonable noise, dismissed.

Dalton Dewayne Lee Bates, 25, of Athens, operating under the influence March 1, 2019, in Norridgewock, dismissed.

Joshua Bonenfant, 41, of Pittston, on Nov. 22, 2020, in Caratunk: theft by unauthorized taking or transfer, two-year, three-month Department of Corrections sentence; theft by unauthorized taking or transfer, dismissed.

Carrie J. Chaney, 30, of St. Albans, violating condition of release Dec. 14, 2020, in St. Albans, 23-hour jail sentence.

Ashley Churchill, 34, of Madison, violating condition of release Jan. 3, 2021, Madison, seven-day jail sentence.


Damien T. Clinton, 26, of Lewiston, domestic violence assault Dec. 8, 2020, in Bingham, 180-day jail sentence all suspended, two-year probation.

Cheryl Cookson, 54, of Newport, operating under the influence June 3, 2019, in Palmyra, $500 fine, 150-day license suspension.

Hunter Crocker, 24, of Detroit, failure to timely register bear, deer, moose, turkey Oct. 27, 2018, in St. Albans, $300 fine.

Chad Enaire, 49, of Madison, placing bait to entice deer Oct. 28, 2020, in Madison, $500 fine.

Joel Enaire, 52, no town of residence listed, hunting from stand or blind overlooking deer bait Oct. 28, 2020, in Madison, $500 fine.

Earl Fletcher, 82, of New Vineyard, littering Oct. 31, 2020, in Highland Plantation, $100 fine.


Joshua A. Greenlaw, 27, of Bangor, operating under the influence Aug. 15, 2020, in Hartland, $500 fine, 150-day license suspension.

Brandon L. Harrington, 31, of Anson, on Jan. 15, 2020, in Madison: operating after habitual offender revocation, $1,000 fine, six-month jail sentence; failure to give correct name, address, date of birth, 30-day jail sentence.

Alexander Huff, 23, of Burnham, dischargiing firearm or crossbow near dwelling Nov. 3, 2020, in Pittsfield, $200 fine.

Debra Linkletter, 64, of Solon, hunting from stand or blind overlooking deer bait Oct. 31, 2020, in Madison, $500 fine.

William J. McLain Sr., 59, of Clinton, violating condition of release Oct. 31, 2020, in Kittery, 48-hour jail sentence.

Kelsey Mitchell, 32, of Harmony, operating while license suspended or revoked and operating vehicle without license Oct. 5, 2020, in Skowhegan, dismissed.


Israel Parsons, 23, of Cornville, theft by unauthorized taking or transfer May 13, 2002, in Skowhegan, seven-day jail sentence, $3.37 restitution. Aggravated trafficking of scheduled drugs and unlawful possession of scheduled drugs, Nov. 20, 2020, in Skowhegan, dismissed. On Dec. 19, 2020, in New Portland: violating condition of release, seven-day jail sentence; unlawful possession of scheduled drug, dismissed.

Samuel J. Perkins, 30, of Madison, placing bait to entice deer Oct. 29, 2020, in Madison, $500 fine.

Steven Roderick, 64, of Embden, operating after habitual offender revocation March 28, 2019, in Concord Township, $1,000 fine, five-year Department of Corrections sentence all but two years suspended, two-year probation.

Daytona J. Roode, 22, of Skowhegan, on July 12, 2020, in Skowhegan: disorderly conduct — loud unreasonable noise, 10-day jail sentence; refusing to submit to arrest or detention — physical force, 10-day jail sentence. On Oct. 18, 2020, in Skowhegan: violating condition of release, 10-day jail sentence; failure to register vehicle, 10-day jail sentence.

Peter C. Rosasco, 27, of Portland, unlawful trafficking in scheduled drugs March 4, 2020, Fairfield, $400 fine, four-year Department of Corrections sentence, all suspended, two-year probation.

Sadie Ross, 22, of Skowhegan, violating condition of release Aug. 22, 2020, in Cornville, dismissed.


Jacob Stevens, 26, of Newport, aggravated assault Jan. 8, 2020, in Skowhegan, nine-year Department of Corrections sentence all but five years suspended, three-year probation.

Corey E. Swain, 44, of Hartland, operating meth laboratory June 10, 2020, in Hartland, five-year Department of Corrections sentence.

Nathan R. Watson, 47, of Skowhegan, on Sept. 1, 2020, in Skowhegan: domestic violence assault, 90-day jail sentence; obstructing report of a crime, 90-day jail sentence.

Tyler York, 32, of Skowhegan, terrorizing June 28, 2020, in Skowhegan, 30-day jail sentence. On July 29, 2020, in Skowhegan: assault, 30-day jail sentence; violating condition of release, dismissed.