For 45 years, both Republicans and Democrats have agreed that federal dollars from workers’ paychecks should not fund abortions. But a congressional committee has thrown away more than four decades of bipartisan precedent and removed the Hyde Amendment, forcing Americans to pay for abortion for any reason. Rep. Golden, now the ball is in your court. Will you put abortion politics aside and work to restore the Hyde Amendment?

Surveys show most Americans support the Hyde Amendment and other pro-life protections. Fifty-eight percent of voters oppose taxpayer-funded abortions, including 31% of Democrats, 34% of self-described pro-choice voters, and 65% of independents.

As a woman of faith and an advocate for the most vulnerable, I urge you to stand up for the decades-long protections for precious unborn life — specifically the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits our tax dollars from funding abortions.

Abandoning these popular, time-honored protections could trigger a federal government shutdown if not corrected. A House budget without the Hyde Amendment would be dead on arrival in the Senate. These theatrics are a waste of time and keep Congress from fulfilling its responsibility to pass an annual budget.

Our district is a split district — the kind that should require moderation and cooperation from our elected representative, not extremism. Repealing the Hyde Amendment is radical, not reasonable, and not representative of the people you are elected to represent. Reinstating the Hyde Amendment is in the best interest of the 60,000 babies the amendment saves each year, and voters in your district who care about for what their hard-earned tax dollars are paying. It’s time to make the right choice.


Penny Morrell


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