We can see with our own eyes that climate change is going into overdrive. Floods and wildfires. I don’t need to list the many effects. And most of us thought that things were looking up, now that Biden is talking about actually doing something about greenhouse gases, but I’m afraid we were wrong.

Fossil fuel lobbyists are poised to block climate action by threatening and bribing politicians in Washington. And why shouldn’t they? Our government gives them $15 billion worth of fossil fuel subsidies every year. Fossil-fuel executives will do a lot for that kind of money, including harming the lives of our children.

But there is one thing we can do about it. We can call our senators and representatives and tell them to end all fossil fuel subsidies. We no longer need to give our tax dollars to harm our families’ futures, just so some executives can get richer and control our Congress.

Sens. Collins and King, and Reps. Golden and Pingree, it’s time to become climate-change heroes, before it’s too late.


Richard Thomas


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