What if I told you that, if Question 1 passes, you and your family will lose out on $116 worth of cost savings per year? That’s no small number. It’s time Maine families know the truth about the direct savings and benefits this corridor brings to us.

Let’s break it down.

According to the Maine PUC, the CMP corridor project could save Mainers roughly $63 million per year on their electricity costs. What’s more, the corridor will pay $140 million over the next four decades to provide rate relief to consumers. In total, that offers a staggering $66.5 million in savings per year, which, if divided evenly among Maine families, translates into $116.00 in savings per year per family.

What’s more – low-income customers will reap the benefits of a $50 million low-income customer benefits fund. Plus cities and towns along the route will benefit from tax revenue increases to the tune of $18 million per year.

And all these savings and benefits cost Mainers $0. Seems like a great deal to me.

If Question 1 passes, Maine will lose out on millions of dollars in benefits that the corridor brings, including those that come at no cost to the average Maine consumer. To stimulate our economy and get Mainers back on their feet, we must say no to this ballot initiative.


Kerri L. Bickford 


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