I have been living in Augusta now for just over a year. I love this beautiful country, its trees, its ocean areas, its wildlife, ponds, lakes and rivers.

Speaking of rivers, the great Kennebec immediately comes to mind. This 170-mile-long river is truly a sight to behold for native Mainers and visitors alike.

Despite the fact that I am by no means an expert in inland waterways, it seems evident to me that the portion of the Kennebec running north and south of historical Augusta downtown is in dire need of dredging. The shallowness of the river within that mile or so is becoming more evident with each passing day, and an eyesore to the other parts of the river.

I assume there are various government agencies that have their reasons against dredging. Perhaps there are various organisms, fish, and such that would initially be affected.

Still, it would seem more beneficial to the aquatic organisms shortly after dredging. More water flow, better oxygen content, more influx of feeding organism and higher water levels to help flush out debris and unwanted waste.


Joseph R. Calamia


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