Ron Smith stands in Greenland atop Sugar Loaf, 1,200 feet, and located 5 to 6 miles from Kangerlussuaq off the road to the Ice Cap. Contributed photo

The Camden Public Library plans to host world traveler and Midcoast resident Ron Smith at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Sept, 14, for a narrated slideshow about his recent trip to Greenland.

Smith will discuss his experiences, the scenery, and the lifestyles he witnessed while visiting several communities on Greenland’s east and west coasts. Smith also will talk about what it was like, at age 72, to hike the 100-mile Arctic Circle Trail from Kangerlussaq to Sisimiut in only eight days.

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Smith’s presentation will showcase destinations in Greenland like Tasiusaq, where only two families live, and Nuuk, the capital, with 20,000 residents. His journey also took him to Brattahlid, present-day Qassiarsuk, where Christianity took root in the country with the help of Tjodhilde, wife of Erik the Red. Smith trekked to Kangerlussuaq, where Greenland’s first airbase was built, and numerous other places like Narsarsuaq, Igaliku, Narsaq, Paamiut, and Ilulissat.

The desire to see, learn about, and experience the many different countries and cultures in the world has prompted Smith to visit more than 70 countries and all seven continents. He hopes that by sharing stories about his journeys, he can inspire others to get out and travel to new places.

“Travel is not just a journey. It is an education,” Smith said in a news release from the library.

For more information, contact Julia Pierce at 207-236-3440 or [email protected].

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