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Gina Williams will perform a DAC at the Drive-In concert, a live music series hosted by the Denmark Arts Center, with  at 1 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 12, at Bridgton Twin Drive-In, 383 Portland Road, in Bridgton.

The series is presented by Norway Savings Bank and Bridgton Twin Drive-In will feature a range of bands.

Producer, actress, singer, pianist, and composer are a few ways to describe the talents of Williams. Her repertoire is expansive including a mix of classical, pop, R&B, jazz, gospel/jazz, 70s disco, with some Whitney, Aretha, Celine, and beyond. Her performance includes original material in each of these categories including a sprinkle of electronica and rock. William’s performance spans decades and genres.

On one hand, the soul/pop/gospel chanteuse is a classically trained composer with a Master’s degree as a concert pianist. On the other, she’s vibrant live performer whose stage shows may combine hip-hop, funk, electronica, and a full-fledged orchestra. On yet another hand, she’s a songwriter, producer, and actress who has worked alongside the likes of John Cusack, John Goodman and recently Alex Graves (producer of Games of Thrones & The West Wing). Her songs are used in film and television in as far away places as Russia.

The only thing Williams is not is predictable. She has become a one-woman entertainment industry dynamo. She produces her own records, composes her own songs, choreographs her dancers and masterminds her stage show, and generally controls the fate of her entire music career.

Guests can set their lawn chairs in front of their vehicle and the sound system will bring the music to you. Be sure to leave pets at home for this Drive-In experience. Bring coolers with food and drink and leave alcohol-based beverages behind. Bridgton Twin Drive-In does not allow alcohol.

Gates opens noon. Cost is $50 per vehicle with a maximum of five occupants, reservations are suggested. Tickets are $50 per vehicle.

To purchase tickets or find more information, visit

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