Isn’t it strange to find that a large portion of the same population which refuses to wear a mask to help their fellow American or get a shot to help themselves or anyone else finds it so very important and easy to try to control what women can do with their own bodies?

Just exactly what do those who want to take constitutional rights away from women expect will be accomplished? Do they honestly believe that there will no longer be incest, rape or medical incompatibilities? Do they believe that all those unexpected pregnancies are going to result in happy children? Do they want the horrors of pre-Roe v. Wade backroom abortions to prevail?

It’s very difficult to find the balance between someone diligently protesting a woman’s right to do with her body whatever she needs to and someone as diligently, steadfastly refusing to take steps to protect others by wearing a mask or getting a shot. Especially when it’s coming from the same person.

I guess your right to life ends after you are born.


Cathy Brouwer


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