I read a news article recently about the staff at Northern Light being 88% vaccinated. The article noted 1,200 employees (or 10%) of their workforce have opted to get the vaccine in the past five weeks, and 12% of their work force have not received it.

Twelve percent of their work force? By my calculations that is about 1,440 employees or (based on “only” a 40-hour work week) 3 million-man hours for the year.

How does Northern Light intend to care for its patients with 1,440 fewer employees? What is the plan for patient care?

When asked, Paul Bolin, the chief human resources officer said, “We know that 12% of our employees is a large number. I don’t expect 12% of our employees to leave. I expect a large portion of that group to become vaccinated by the state mandate.”

That is not planning. That is speculation.

How about the plan from Windham Residential Care? The plan where their facility administrator, Carla Laroche, says, “Our first responsibility is for the care of our clients.” The facility isn’t going to require vaccination, because in her words, “if we don’t have staff, we can’t care for them (the patients).”

Unless the mandate ends, the staffing shortages are going to get worse, and people are going to die. Gov. Mills and her administration will have blood on their hands.

Remember, as quickly as it was implemented, it can be stopped.

Alicia Collins


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