This “Appleton Rug Hookers” rug was made by Ruth Cassaday. Contributed photo

WASHINGTON — The art and handiwork of the Appleton Rug Hookers is scheduled to be on display through October at Gibbs Library at 40 Old Union Road.

The rugs are a colorful reflection of rural life, blending traditional and updated subjects and techniques. The show includes three Blue Ribbon winners from the Union Fair.

According to The Artists’ Statement, the Appleton Rug Hookers originated in 2004, and the first group consisted of three people; now there are 12.

Many rugs have been created and finished in the 17 years since the group has been active. It got around COVID-19; members went to the town park in Warren, and work masks and practiced social distancing.

Some of rugs have been used in the homes of the creators. Many more were given as gifts.

In the beginning, all wool was used in rugs. Now, other material is being used to create effects such as wool-yarn, ribbons, silk, roving, nylon stockings, and cotton.

Wool hooked rugs can be washed in cold water if they are hooked with colorfast material. They are made with much stronger backing than the old burlap formerly used, making them very durable and practical.

For more information, call the library at 207-845-2663.

This “Got Milk?” rug was made by Kathy Daniel. Contributed photo


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