SIDNEY — Selectman Alan Tibbetts faces a charge of assault following an incident last month involving his neighbor, according to the Kennebec County Sheriff’s Office.

Selectman Alan Tibbetts of Sidney Contributed photo

Lt. Chris Read confirmed Monday that Tibbetts, 64, had received a court summons Sept. 10 on a charge of assault on Field Road.

Jim Tracy, Tibbetts’ neighbor, said the selectman kicked him in the arm, leaving a cut and large bruise.

Tracy said he was driving home from work and turned onto Field Road, passing Tibbetts, who was stopped at the end of the street and headed in the opposite direction. Tibbetts then used his finger and thumb to create an “L,” a symbol for “loser,” toward Tracy, according to Tracy.

The two have been neighbors for many years, Tracy said, so Tibbetts knew who he was. Tracy said he stopped his car and got out.

“I got out and asked him what’s his problem,” Tracy said. “He just kept sitting there smiling and showing me that (symbol).”


Tracy said he continued speaking and at one point told the selectman to get out of his car, which Tibbetts did. Tibbetts then allegedly kicked Tracy in the arm, leaving a cut and bruise. Tracy then got back into his car, went home and contacted the Sheriff’s Office.

Reached by telephone last week, Tibbetts’ declined to comment, except to say, “If I have anything to say, I will contact you.”

Tibbetts did not respond Monday to additional questions.

Tracy said he contacted the Sidney Board of Selectman about the incident, adding he thought Tibbetts should resign from the board.

Tibbetts clashed with Sidney residents last year when he placed a handmade “LIAR” sign next to signs for Donald Trump. Resident Kelly Couture also accused Tibbetts of moving and damaging Trump-Pence campaign signs, which Tibbetts denied.

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