This is just a friendly common-sense reminder to all of you that claim to be true Maine people. If you truly care about this beautiful state you call home you will not allow Central Maine Power and the foreign company that owns them destroy it. You will vote yes on Question 1 this November if you care.

Why would any of us want to ruin and make a wasteland like the states to our south? Why would any of us want to provide power to Massachusetts and pay Canada for the rights to our land, then send profits to Spain? This makes no sense.

The misleading ads from CMP make no sense either. They are actually lies. No politician wants to halt jobs. No politician wants to risk a calamity of an infrastructure failure. So these jobs will continue. As far as the jobs that will be created, they will be very few and very short lived. The energy savings as we all know will be very short lived as well.

We can stop all this nonsense. Just vote yes on 1.


Edwin Morris III


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