In a recent letter to the editor in these pages, the author claims that the Clean Energy Corridor would threaten the biomass industry in Maine, citing dollar figures to ad credence to her concerns intentionally omitting any published reference for these alleged millions in lost revenues.

As usual, corridor opponents make baseless claims, and stoke fear. True, proven facts are never part of their accusations.

Here are the facts about the Clean Energy Corridor and Maine’s biomass industry: After its rigorous review, the Public Utilities Commission rejected the validity of the arguments that the project would frustrate this industry in Maine: “The Commission also finds little merit to the concerns regarding the extent to which the NECEC may frustrate Maine-based renewables development by absorbing ‘headroom’ on the transmission system.” The commission also noted that other factors, including the ISO-NE Pay for Performance rules, create far greater risks for these generators than the NECEC.

The author falsely claims no jobs have been created. Quite the contrary! The project will generate more than 1,600 good-paying construction jobs which will predominantly go to Mainers. More than 500 people are currently on the job for this clean energy project.

If any industry will lose money from the Clean Energy Corridor, it’s Big Oil and Gas. The industry is projected to lose billions because they will burn less dirty energy.

The author presents herself as an environmentalist. It is unfortunate she doesn’t see that the No. 1 threat to her natural surroundings is the firing up of smoke stacks that the Clean Energy Corridor will greatly reduce. It’s also unfortunate she doesn’t realize the oil and gas industry is vastly responsible for funding — and fuelling! — the organized opposition to the corridor.

Serge Abergel
director of communications

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