I have been involved with antique trucks for almost 30 years. My enjoyment of trucks led me to join the American Truck Historical Society, where I share the rich history of the trucking industry with many others.

This year, ATHS celebrates 50 years as an organization “preserving the history of trucks, the trucking industry, and its pioneers.” I wish to acknowledge the milestones of ATHS.

March 1971: ATHS is founded in Dearborn Heights, Michigan.

October 1972: ATHS is recognized as the authorized organization to collect and preserve trucking history. The Zoe James Memorial Library, in Kansas City since 2002, houses more than 100,000 digitized and original photographs, 35,000 pieces of sales literature, and 45,000 books and periodicals.

Oct. 1980: The first Wheels of Time magazine is published. I look forward to each issue!

May 1980: ATHS holds its first annual truck show. The shows have grown from 23 trucks to over 1,000 trucks today! The ATHS National Convention & Truck Show rotates between four U.S. locations allowing members and visitors to see different parts of the country and unique historic trucks of that area.


May 2021: ATHS developed the American Trucking and Industry Leader Hall of Fame to honor the trucking industry; and its companies and professionals who have gone above and beyond.

Oct. 15-16, 2021: ATHS will officially dedicate the American Trucking and Industry Leader Hall of Fame, and celebrate its 50th Anniversary in Kansas City.

Thank you for the opportunity to give a shout-out to the organization that has impacted me through many relationships over the years. I hope the community joins me in wishing the American Truck Historical Society a happy 50th anniversary!

Clayton Hoak


ATHS Regional Vice President – Maine, New Hampshire & Vermont

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