Marci Alexander is my choice for mayor of Augusta. I have already ordered my ballot to vote for her.

I have worked with numerous councilors over the years and Marci Alexander stands out as the person best suited to be mayor of Augusta now. Marci is a clear-thinking, capable, professional who has consistently demonstrated her ability to be a consensus builder and leader on the City Council.

During the time I served with her on the council I saw an intelligent, decisive, and well-informed person who always did her homework and knew very clearly the issues we were dealing with. Marci strives to do what is best for all the city’s residents, qualities a leader and a mayor must have to be successful. Marci is strongly committed to Augusta. She wants a city that is economically strong, with exceptional schools and a quality of life that attracts and retains people to be residents here.

I believe in Marci so much that I have been painting “Marci4Mayor” signs nonstop. I plan to recuperate after the election on Nov. 2.

Please join me in voting to elect Marci Alexander as your next mayor for the city of Augusta.


Cecil E. Munson


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