When I retired from the Maine State Legislature a few years ago, I found myself in need of finding health insurance that would fit my needs. After doing my research, I determined that a Medicare Advantage plan was the right fit. Medicare Advantage plans allow me the ability to appropriately design a plan to fit my needs. These health care plans concentrate on preventative care to keep me healthier year round.

Medicare Advantage is affordable, too. This program caps out-of-pocket expenses and has robust prescription drug coverage, ultimately seeking to ensure that costs are never a barrier to good health care for the senior population. Overall, Medicare Advantage premiums have decreased since 2017.

Congress plans to address our health care system in the weeks and months ahead. I hope that they will protect Medicare Advantage, as it actively works for people over 65 in Maine and ensures robust and comprehensive care for those who need it most.

Medicare Advantage has widespread satisfaction among enrollees — and it is not surprising why. As someone who is enrolled, I am constantly impressed with the services, and quality of care, provided. This program covers routine care, vision and dental services, and offers exercise classes, at-home prescription and grocery deliveries, and in-home and telehealth care options.

Older Mainers rely on Medicare Advantage for the high-quality, affordable health care that Congress seeks to provide the rest of the country. I encourage our lawmakers to stand up for this program. Too many seniors are relying on it.


Gary Hilliard


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