Energy costs in Maine have never been higher. We pay some of the highest energy bills in the country and we continue to rely on costly oil and gas for many of our energy needs.

That’s why the construction of the NECEC Corridor, which I’ve read can save individual Mainers over $100 annually on energy costs, is so important — it can help us lower costs and provide relief to many of us who are still reeling from the pandemic’s economic consequences.

But opponents of the project have placed a referendum on this November’s ballot that if passed, would most likely result in the corridor being shut down and the energy bills remaining exorbitant.

There’s no question that the corridor will benefit our state. It will lower energy bills and reduce the grip that expensive electricity from natural gas and oil has on the New England grid. We can’t afford to have cost-saving projects derailed by special interest groups and energy companies who are only looking out for themselves.

Please vote no on Question 1 this fall.


Leslie Lacroix


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