A right to food? Yes!

I have been watching the social media chatter on this year’s ballot question amending our state constitution to secure the right to food. People wonder what will this change. It will not change what we do, but rather protect what we do.

The amendment provides legal standing and freedom from laws or policies that inhibit or prohibit our ability to feed ourselves. It is the first line of defense against the oligarchs and corporatists who wish to lord over the masses by intimidation and fear. Having this amendment will prevent anyone from trying to end hunting and fishing, even lobstering. It will keep Monsanto and others from controlling seeds. It will protect us from Bill Gates and his fake meat.

Will the state provide the food that we have a right to? No more than it provides weapons because we have the right to bear arms.

The Maine Veterinary Association summarizes. inaccurately, the opposition arguments in this statement: “Question 3 … would preempt all local and state ordinances pertaining to animal cruelty, zoning, and food safety in the name of the ‘Right to Food.'” An amendment is not a law and does not modify or preempt anything. It is only a statement of principle.

The people of Maine have stepped up to the plate and reasserted our ability to feed ourselves. Food sovereignty (by local ordinance), which began with five towns in Hancock County in 2011, has blossomed to 110 communities statewide. This could be squelched by the stroke of a legislative pen at anytime, but not with this amendment in place.

Our world is changing faster than ever thought possible and our way of life is under attack from multiple directions. We need to protect ourselves and this grassroot effort is a stride forward.


Richard King


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